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Australian literature is irrelevant. Australian books are sparking no excitement, interest, curiosity or controversy outside of narrow, self-reflexive and parochial circles of academics, publishers and grant providers. Writers are second-guessing the ground rules for connecting with these narrow circles and writing books that readers don’t care about. Even good Australian books disappear into the remainder bins unread.

Best Independent wants to change all that. We’re focused on publishing books that readers engage with, that are tuned into global cultural currents and that spark wider cultural conversations. Books written with readers in mind, that are thematically expansive, current and outward looking, even if they have plots and characters located in Australia.

We are here to change the game. We are here to make Australian writing matter. We've only just begun. 

LAUNCHING: October 6th 2017

“I was aware of the weight of Spoole’s head, clutched against my stomach.  I hadn’t thought of a head being something that was heavy to carry.  Another new thing learned.”Coming October 6th:  Edward Berridge’s darkly comic literary domestic noir Villain.  Imagine Girl on a Train written by Michel Houllebecq with a last twist of the knife you won’t see coming.

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Meet Our Authors.



Best Independent is currently open for submissions. We are seeking poetry and prose works and graphic novels. We are interested in showcasing writing from every area of Australian life, especially migrant, refugee, LGBT, indigenous and other under-represented voices that reflect Australian diversity.

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